Endlessflow Films was born in 2010, Chamonix, France- the inspiration of Bjarne Salén.
After five years in the valley of Chamonix it was time to move and start a new chapter and continue the production of Endlessflow Films, now based in Portland, Oregon, United States.

Endlessflow Films produce worldwide adventure films and photography: everything from wild ski adventures in the most remote of locations, and kayaking the deep gorges of the Himalayas, to the exploration of cultural contrast and the grinding daily realities experienced during expeditions.

Endlessflow Films specialize in providing footage in the mountains where other film-makers can’t get to, footage from the ground which is up-close and personal.

Bjarne Salén has many talents: skiing, climbing and kayaking around the world are at the top of his list. He also has a longstanding interest in filmmaking, and a flash of inspiration in late 2010 linked the two together. Bjarne put his adventure sports into film format, and rapidly gained both a large following and the attention of some major brands. That’s how it all started!