Follow the best female big wave surfer on the planet, Paige Alms on her journey in Hawaii to surf the biggest waves in the world while being a great inspiration to the next generation.

Changing The Flow

This is a documentary film by Bjarne Salen about the Himalayan Adventure Girls, the first all female rafting, kayaking and trekking guide company in Nepal. These girls guide on some of the most treacherous rivers in the Himalaya’s all while on a mission to make Nepal and the world a better place.
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I had the opportunity to go to Svalbard with the Salomon Free Ski Tv crew. A trip that was something we will always remember.
We went there to capture the Solar Eclipse, which was something we never seen before and few people on the planet have experienced it like this.

Finding The Line

Finding The Line is about fear and understanding the balance between risk, reason and reward.

Worlds Highest Marathon

A story about Christopher Mohn, a Lyme disease survivor who is running the worlds highest marathon, which starts at Everest Basecamp.


On September 29th 2014, I lost my two best friends JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson in an avalanche on Monte San Lorenzo near the border of Chile and Argentina. It has now been one year since the accident. I created a film to celebrate and remember our lovely friends. This film is from our last years together where we skied, worked and had amazing adventures together. We went to Chamonix, Norway and Chile. Andreas, JP, Daniel Rönnbäck and I started a project together called, Apogée, which means – The highest point in the developing of something. The project was Andreas and JP’s idea, travel to magnificent destinations and create beautiful, touching ski movies to inspire others around the world.

Turns And Curves

The winter of 2014 – 2015 was a year with accidents in the mountains, but also full of amazing days with friends.
Giulia Monego had a great ski season but she also lost her best ski partner David Rosenbarger in the mountains. This film shows her winter and how she expresses herself as a professional skier loving what she does.

Find Away

Through the windows of the Aiguille du Midi cable car some of the most technical and high-consequence ski terrain in the world can be observed—for only the price of a ticket—but stepping through the door to put yourself at the top of one of those lines requires much more. In this film I had the opportunity to follow Kye Petersen and David Rosenbarger during their time in the Chamonix Valley. A project for Patagonia that turned out very well!

Tempting Fear

Over the past 3 years he’s logged first descents in a half-dozen countries, battled back to life from an accident that nearly killed him, and become the most talked about skier in the epicenter of all things extreme – Chamonix, France. 

In ‘Tempting Fear’ Sweden’s soft-spoken Adventurer of the Year explores a place in which fear overwhelms all emotions, playing both friend and enemy in a pas de deux where death lies just one mis-step away.

Happy Winter

The town of Chamonix is located at the foot of Mont Blanc, and is at the heart of mountaineering. Adventure skiing develops in these mountains in a way like nowhere else on the planet.Bjarne Salén and Andreas Fransson both live in the valley, and spent winter 2012/13 skiing and adventuring in these mountains- skiing lines so remote and exposed your heart jumps to your throat.