Finding The Line – British Columbia, Canada 2016

Bjarne started a new project with Olympian medalist Anna Segal and Freeride World tour skier Nat Segal.
It’s a two year project and this was the first of four stops. Next stops are: Australia, France, Canada again and finally Alaska.
Its a film featuring the Segal Sisters confronting their own fear in the mountains to achieve their dreams.
It will be an inspring movie for all people out there, not just skiers. More for life lovers and people who want to do the best of each day and understand their own fear.


Eclipse in Svalbard 2015

Bjarne went to Svalbard with the Salomon Free Ski Tv crew to capture something nearly impossible: A solar Eclipse with a skier skiing and the Eclipse in the background.
It was a three weeks trip with Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens, Brody Eleven, Anthony Bonello and Reuben Krabbe.
Svalbard is a beautiful place and to go there and ski is something all skiers should try to do.
The film Eclipse won awards all over the world on film festivals and you can watch it for free under “films”

The Dream Team: Daniel Rönnbäck, Andreas Fransson, JP Auclair and Bjarne Salén on their last trip together in Chile.

Chile and Argentina 2014

It was suposed to be the best trip of their lives. The team from Norway: JP, Andreas, Daniel and Bjarne went to Chile to continue their very successful filming project “Apogee”
They came to ski Mount San Lorenzo that’s located on the boarder of Chile and Argentina. On their 4th day into the expedition when Andreas and JP climbed up the face they were going to ski down, there was a big cloud of snow coming down from the top and took them all down to the glacier 650 meters down. They both died during the fall and the tragic accident was a tragedy for many people out there. Andreas and JP were two people many looked up to. Bjarne and Daniel were ok and Bjarne created the film Apogée as a memorial film for his best friends Andreas and JP. You can watch this film under “films”

Daniel Rönnbäck, JP Auclair, Bjarne Salén and Andreas Fransson during the project Apogée in Narvik, Norway.

Narvik 2014

Narvik was one of the best ski trips Bjarne ever had. Together with Andreas Fransson, JP Auclair and Daniel Rönnbäck they went to Narvik in search for the perfect skiing.
2 weeks of full on skiing every day, early mornings and late nights. Totally worth it and together they created the film Apogée that you can watch under “films”.
This was the second last trip they all did together before the last trip that was in Chile in November 2014.

Karakoram Highway, Pakistan.
The most interesting high way on the planet!

Pakistan 2014

In May 2014 Bjarne followed steep skier Ptor Spricenieks on his quest to ski the Shina Face, Gashot Peak in the wild Nanga Parbat region of Pakistan.

Along with fellow skier Greg Hill they spent 4 weeks traveling, exploring, climbing and finally skiing the incredible Shina Face…..though not without some major drama along the way. The trip was a culmination of dreams becoming reality for Ptor, and can be seen in ‘Dream Line’.
Click on this link to get to the download page:

Artesonraju, Peru.
One of the world's most beautiful ski lines.

Peru 2013

The Peruvian Cordillera Blanca: a place where there are always more things to find. For making films about mountain, lifestyle and people, this is a fantastic place to go.

In 2013 Andreas Fransson and Bjarne Salén spent a month there aiming to ski some of the big lines. Despite the ideal timing ski conditions were poor, and as ever sometimes the mountains accept you, and sometimes not. A place to be re-visited!

Fitz Roy and Poincenot, Argentina.
The best sunset ever!

The Whillans Ramp 2012

One mountain: Aiguille Poincenot. One Skier: Andreas Fransson. One epic ski descent: The Whillans ramp.

In 2012 Andreas and Bjarne went to the Cerro Fitzroy massif in Patagonia with one of the world’s steepest ski lines in mind- the Whillans ramp. Bjarne documented Andreas incredible achievement in ‘Reaching My Limit’, the culmination of an adventure of a lifetime.

Lyngen Alps, Norway. 
Morgan Salén and Andreas Fransson in the storm.

Lyngent Descents, 2012

The Lyngen Alps are a jagged mountain range located on a half island on the northern Norwegian coastline.

It’s a magic place for skitouring in the early spring, when the days are long and the snow conditions are usually good.Filmmaker Bjarne Salén, together with skiers Andreas Fransson and Morgan Salén, explored the Lyngen Mountains for three weeks in April 2012.During this time they made six first descents, and skied some of thebest snow they had ever found in Scandinavia.

Sajama, Bolivia.
The highest Mountain in Bolivia.

The Andes Adventure, 2011

In 2011 Bjarne Salén and Andreas Fransson went on a long adventure across the South American Andes.

The objective: to climband ski some of the highest peaks on the continent during a three month escapade through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.The duo got to experience the wilderness and beauty of the mountains alongside the richness of new cultures, as well as the hardship of an endless expedition and months on the road – all ingredients for an unforgettable adventure.